Corporate law

Selection of the correct form of business activity means assurance of safety to partners, efficient business management and tax structure optimisation.


For this purpose, BCLA develops relevant company agreements and articles of association and shapes them to Clients’ requirements, including planned or conducted activity, size of the structures and streamlined decision-making within the framework of company management.

BCLA offers a full range of services regarding incorporation of private and capital companies, holding structures and foreign corporations. We provide ongoing corporate services to companies, as well as optimisation of corporate and tax structures, thus improving entrepreneurs’ performance.

BCLA has many years of experience in company transformations and mergers, both based on rules specified in commercial code  as well as contributing companies or organised parts of enterprise.

BCLA lawyers act in the capacity of professional representatives during meetings of partners and shareholders in favour of individual principals and in favour of the company in which they are involved.

BCLA specialises carrying out efficient and effective registration proceedings pertaining to both registration of new entities in the Register of Entrepreneurs and the most complex changes regarding existing entities.