We prepare and manage comprehensive transactional projects.

Creating a corporate structure of single companies and entire capital groups requires development of long-term plans and business strategies, but also solving the companies’ current problems.

We prepare transactions preceded by due diligence audits taking into account regulatory aspects of regulations of the regulated sectors, including real estate, energy, transport, medicine.

We advise Clients on how to fully protect their interests throughout the transaction process – from the preparation of the transaction structure, through the drafting of appropriate master and side agreements, to the closing of the transaction. 

We also represent our Clients in court and arbitration disputes “after the transaction”, the so-called post M&A.


What we help with?

  • we conduct corporate due diligence audits for the purpose of conducting transactions,
  • we obtain public and legal approvals for the transaction,
  • we advise at all stages of transactions, including drafting agreements governing the structure and individual stages of a transaction, drawing up letters of intent, preliminary agreements, confidentiality agreements, and preliminary, binding and dispositive agreements relating to shares, an enterprise, an organized part of an enterprise or specific assets,
  • we prepare security for transactions, both of tangible as well as obligatory nature,
  • we advise on all corporate matters related to the transformation of a company, its division or merger, or transfer of an enterprise from the control of one capital group to another, including the transfer of rights and obligations under existing contracts,
  • we advise on matters related to the fulfillment of obligations arising from transaction documents, as well as public-law obligations related to the transaction.