The BCLA law firm practices in the field of servicing gaming industry entities.

The law firm’s associates have many years of experience in serving industry entities specialising in the production and release of computer games on various hardware platforms, including: Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PC, Atari VCS.


What we help with?

  • in preparing, negotiating, providing opinions on industry agreements: publishing agreements, distribution agreements, production agreements, acquisition agreements (transfer of intellectual property rights for computer games), licensing agreements (including content licenses, open licenses, open source licenses, internet content bank licenses, etc.),
  • in preparing model documents securing the transfer of intellectual property rights within the Client’s development team,
  • in providing opinions on legal issues concerning the creation and exploitation of computer games;
  • in conducting due diligence processes taking into account intellectual property rights and the specificities and needs of the gaming industry,
  • in providing corporate services to companies,
  • in the preparation, negotiation and analysis of investment agreements, taking into account the specifics and needs of the gaming industry,
  • in litigation related to intellectual property law.