We are the only law firm to offer such comprehensive legal services to the gambling industry.

BCLA is one of the few law firms in Poland that offers comprehensive legal services for the gambling industry. Our experts have unique and long-standing experience in providing legal advice to companies conducting gambling activities, in particular with respect to online mutual bets as well as those organized in land-based establishments. 

Gambling activities in Poland are subject to detailed legal regulations stemming directly from the Act on Gambling as well as from tax, penal and fiscal laws, and laws on prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. 

We prepare legal solutions for the gaming industry, both with respect to games intended for gambling and other video games.


What we help with?

  • in selection of suppliers of technical solutions for the gambling industry, both in terms of software and hardware, including negotiation of contracts with software and hardware suppliers,
  • in the implementation of gambling products in the Polish market that operate in other markets under different legal regulations (special types of bets, new rules of keeping player accounts and settlements with players), adjusting them to the legal regulations applicable in the Polish market,
  • in preparing the corporate structure for companies obtaining permits, including verification of compliance with the requirements of the Act on Gambling by shareholders, members of corporate bodies, and advice on preparing documentation to verify the sources of capital in the company,
  • in obtaining licenses to conduct gambling activity, i.e. in particular to organize mutual betting in accordance with the Act on Gambling (Polish licensing), both for stationary licenses (ground-based points) as well as online licenses,
  • in preparing documentation for the purposes of obtaining the Polish permit, including in particular:  
    • drafting game rules and regulations for responsible gaming,
    • verification of technical documentation of the website for compliance with applicable laws and market regulator guidelines,
    • preparation of solutions and guidelines for documentation providers,
    • verification of external expert opinions on evidence of participation in betting,
    • verification of mechanisms of website operation, player registration rules, rules of placing and settling bets,
  • in preparation of internal solutions for gambling companies in the scope of personal data protection, anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism, compliance, permissible advertising, including consulting,
  • providing opinions on marketing and advertising solutions,
  • preparation of regulations of affiliate platforms and programs for affiliate partners,
  • ongoing support for cases before customs and tax offices, including filing of notifications of changes to verification files, conducting official checks and control activities,
  • ongoing support for cases before the Minister of Finance, including obtaining guidelines and interpretations on gaming law,
  • in disputes with tax or customs authorities in the field of gambling.