Real Estate

Comprehensive real estate services is one of BCLA's key specialisations.

We have many years of experience in real estate transactions and in managing the construction investment process.

The consultancy provided by BCLA covers every type of real estate – undeveloped land and built-up real estate of various purposes, including services, investment, industrial, logistics, office and collective residence.

We cooperate on a daily basis with developers, building contractors, land banks, investors and other entities carrying out real estate transactions, we provide legal assistance on all issues related to their day-to-day operations.

BCLA lawyers strive to respond to the individual needs of Clients related to real estate regulation, M&A transactions, legal due diligence of real estate, investment processes and commercialisation and innovative economy projects.

We provide comprehensive legal services, starting with support during negotiations and the real estate acquisition process, through representation in all legal activities of the investment process, up to the commissioning of the investment. We also provide legal services for the disposal of real estate or its commercialisation through lease or rental.

We advise on the regulation of the legal status of real estate and represent Clients in real estate disputes.


What we help with?

  • carry out analyses of the legal status of real estate (due diligence) and construction investments “in progress”, together with the preparation of a research report for the Client, to any agreed extent,
  • we prepare full documentation of real estate sale or purchase transactions, including recommendations for the structure of such transactions and drafts of relevant agreements and security for their performance,
  • we draft lease, rental and other non-named agreements concerning real estate, construction facilities, including shopping centres, warehouses, logistics centres, hotels, aparthotels and we participate in the negotiation process of such agreements,
  • we conduct proceedings to change or establish the use and manner of development of real estate, related to the environmental requirements for the use of real estate, including obtaining permits for the construction of investments or their commissioning,
  • we represent clients in matters covered by the real estate management act, related to perpetual usufruct, as well as the division or merger of real estate,
  • we prepare design and execution agreements with architects, general contractors or subcontractors, including those based on FIDIC conditions, as well as any other agreements related to the construction process, including investor supervision, supply, assembly, etc.,
  • we support Clients in real estate litigation and in a wide range of matters related to the construction investment process.