Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an important part of a company’s assets.

How to protect a brand, a logo? How and where to register product packaging designs? Is unintentional imitation possible, can we conduct legal analyses before launching new products on the market? Does the protection of our goods apply only to Poland, or also to cross-border activity? And what should we do if we notice comparative advertising of our products – is this an act of unfair competition? Do we have to sign a separate agreement for IP assets transfer when selling a company?

We have conducted many projects in the field of intellectual property. Among our Clients are: food producers, FMCG manufacturers, IT companies, R&D departments of multinational companies, real estate companies, companies from the energy sector, advertising agencies, media houses, architecture and design companies, creators and artists.


What we help with?

  • drawing up contracts and agreements concerning transfer or licensing of copyright, related rights, and other intellectual property rights,
  • preparation of legal opinions, including analysis of facts from the perspective of possible infringements of intellectual property, personal rights and unfair competition law,
  • preparation of applications to the Polish Patent Office, WIPO, EPO, EUIPO,
  • conducting court disputes, including claiming payment of remuneration, damages or submission of appropriate statements by the opponents.