Corporate law

We help meet business and corporate challenges.

Creating a corporate structure of individual enterprises and entire capital groups requires development of long-term plans and business strategies, but also solving current problems of companies.

Thanks to the long-standing experience of BCLA’s Partners and the entire corporate practice Team, we effectively resolve ownership conflicts, proposing such legal solutions so that both minority and majority owners/shareholders are beneficiaries. 

We participate as professional attorneys in shareholders’ meetings, acting for the individual good of the principals and the interests of the companies they represent.

As part of good corporate governance practices, we advise on such issues as internal corporate regulations and disputes related to the exercise of shareholder rights and corporate governance.


What we help with?

  • we advise on the day-to-day operations of companies, capital groups, holding companies, investment funds and private equity funds,
  • we advise companies’ authorities: ownership and supervisory bodies as well as members of management and supervisory boards,
  • we organize and conduct shareholder and general shareholder meetings,
  • we draft resolutions and other internal company acts,
  • we participate in administrative proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS / PRS),
  • we advise on the implementation of corporate governance principles,
  • we advise on the liability of members of the company’s authorities and the liability of the company itself,
  • we advise on establishing new companies and transforming existing companies, as well as on dissolving, liquidating and restructuring them, including share deals, asset deals and joint-ventures.