Sports law

Sports have always played with our souls. Before we became lawyers we were athletes.

The members of our sports law team have practiced professional sports. 

We provide specialized services in the field of sports law, both to domestic and foreign clubs, associations and sports organizations, as well as to players, coaches and other persons connected with sports.


What we help with?

  • we prepare transfer, sponsorship, marketing, and advertising contracts in sports,
  • we conduct cases related to intellectual property law in sports and protection of personal rights, including the right to an athlete’s image, 
  • we prepare corporate solutions for sports joint-stock companies,
  • we draft internal acts of Polish sports associations and regulations of sports clubs,
  • we draft contracts between clubs, sports associations and coaches, players, sports agents, and sponsors,
  • we represent players, clubs, coaches, sports agents and managers in proceedings before sports arbitration courts, arbitration courts, international sports federations, union bodies, common law bodies, administrative bodies, tax authorities, enforcement agencies, etc.
  • we provide ongoing legal services to associations, sports federations, and Polish sports associations,
  • we prepare contracts for using the results of Polish sports associations.