Who we are

BCLA is an efficient team of people with passion, competences and extensive experience. Our mission is to solve our Clients’ problems by means of direct contact between the Client and their lawyer, based on partnership principles.

BCLA lawyers are business-oriented, that is they understand their Clients’ needs and they develop non-standard solutions and effective strategies in order to achieve Clients’ objectives.

Our greatest strengths include creativity, prompt response to Clients’ problems and persistence in pursuing goals, all that based on based on expertise gain form specific experience in related fields.

In our operations, BCLA support entrepreneurs who – in order to develop their business – not only need professional services in their everyday work and assistance in emergency situations but also a partner together with whom they will be ready to take up new challenges with a view to pursuing innovative and entrepreneurial passion.

BCLA have been profiled to provide legal services in the following areas: real estate and construction investments; transportation, shipping, logistics; renewable energy; assets protection; restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.