Transportation, shipping and logistics (TSL)

Issues related to transportation play an important role in business operations carried out by nearly every entrepreneur.

Growing demand for various goods creates new challenges to entrepreneurs handling transportation, shipping and warehousing of goods.

Dynamic changes in that industry, changing economic atmosphere and growing competition on the domestic and international market require uninterrupted monitoring the quality of services provided, continual improvement of such services and prompt response to the requirements of the very market and of Clients themselves.

Provision of legal services to entrepreneurs operating in the TSL sector requires from lawyers specialist legal knowledge regarding the laws of Poland as well as international regulations, and sector specifics knowledge.

In order to meet Client expectations, there is a separate team within the BCLA structure which comprises experienced lawyers providing consultancy services to Clients operating within the TSL sector.  

BCLA lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance in the performance of the following objectives:

  • drafting and negotiations regarding transportation, shipping, logistic services and other contracts associated with the provision of logistic infrastructure enabling service provision, in particular vehicle fleets and warehouse buildings;
  • drafting of regulations and general terms of service provision;
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings, in particular associated with the forwarder’s / carrier’s liability for damage in transportation;
  • providing opinion on prerequisites for the undertaking and provision of services by Clients with respect to individual categories of goods;
  • representation of Clients in the course of negotiations pertaining to the terms of forwarder’s / carrier’s civil liability insurance contracts and automotive liability insurance contracts as well as in the course of complaint related proceedings.

Activities undertaken by BCLA lawyers are always focused on finding and developing customised legal solutions aligned with the Client’s business model, external and internal economic conditions as well as the current situation of the TSL sector.