Penal business law

Penal law and penal fiscal law is an exceptional legal sphere which directly affects fundamental civil rights and at the same time involves serious consequences of violations of legal regulations.

Within the framework of cases conducted, the attorneys being a members of BCLA team have many times represented entrepreneurs harmed as a result of violation or offence as well as defended persons suspected of or charged with minor and major offences, in particular business and fiscal offences.   

BCLA lawyers have many years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding penal law and proceedings, thus ensuring top substantial handling of proceedings before public courts, the Supreme Court and penal law enforcement bodies, for instance the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and Fiscal Supervisory Authorities.

As a part of providing services, BCLA lawyers undertake legal assistance covering defence and representation of the private or the subsidiary prosecutor. BCLA activities include active participation in preparatory proceedings, court sessions and hearings as well as drafting of pleadings, inclusive of notifications on suspicion of committing a criminal offence or private bills of indictment.