One of the primary situations, either in business activity or in private life not related with the professional activity, in which assistance provided by a professional and experienced lawyer becomes essential include the need to assert one’s rights and interests by means of initiating or participating in litigations before public courts, administrative or arbitration courts as well as in reconciliation or mediation proceedings. 

Legal assistance in the course of such proceedings is usually provided in the form of representation of a lawsuit or defence of Clients in civil and administrative litigations as well as cases associated with penal or penal fiscal liability. Our Clients are both entrepreneurs operating in various branches of economy and persons carrying out business activity.

BCLA team members operating in that area include persons who have many years experience and expertise who – given their crucial role in assuring the safety and interests of our Clients as well as Clients’ expectations in that respect – become fully involved in subject proceedings and thus assure that they are handled with the application of top quality case-specific expertise. 

So far, BCLA lawyers have litigated in numerous penal, penal fiscal and civil litigations as well as arbitration proceedings, represented and asserted the interests of our Clients before public courts, administrative courts, arbitration courts including the Polish National Business Chamber as well as the International Chamber of Commerce, the Supreme Court and law enforcement bodies, i.e. Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.