Intellectual property

Within the framework of general civil transactions, irrespective of the sector in which a professional or economic activity is carried out, one of the significant aspects of operations is personal rights and intellectual property protection as well as protecting Clients against activities constituting acts of unfair competition.

Moreover and beyond doubt, intellectual property rights are an important subject matter of business transactions.

Legal consultancy services related to intellectual property rights, personal rights and unfair competition are provided by BCLA lawyers who have been specialising in that area since university and who have been extending their expertise through the many years of active legal assistance associated with professional and economic practice of various entities.

Services in that respect have been provided by BCLA lawyers to numerous entities and persons operating in different branches of economy, inclusive of such specialist entities as creative advertising agencies, media and production houses, architects and designers, authors and artists. Within the framework of that activity, BCLA team members have been carrying out activities aimed at protecting the good name and copyrights of Clients.

In that respect, BCLA provides Clients with comprehensive services covering:

  • drafting of all kinds of contracts and agreements pertaining to transfer or granting of licences in respect of copyrights or related rights as well as other intellectual property rights;
  • drafting of legal opinions, inclusive of actual status analysis with respect to possible infringements of intellectual property, personal rights and unfair competition laws;
  • drawing up of applications to the Patent Office;
  • handling of litigations, inclusive of vindication of remuneration and damages or making of relevant representations by opponents.