Development Investment

The real estate and development projects sector is one of the most important branches of the economy and representatives of that sector continue to be actively involved in the trade.

As operations in that sector involve numerous legal risks, it demands that participants receive professional support from representatives of legal professions.

Legal consultancy with respect to real estate brokerage and to carrying out construction-related investment processes is one of the BCLA key specialisations based on many years of partners’ and other team members’ experience. BCLA services are related to office, service, industrial and housing real estates. 

BCLA Clients are business entities operating in all segments of this branch, including developers, contractors as well as business entities which act as an agent  or carry out real estate transactions.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive services from support during negotiations and real estate purchases through legal representation at every stage of in investment process , until investment realisation as well as legal handling of real estate sale or commercialisation by means of rental or lease. BCLA consultancy services also include participation in real estate legal status regulation.

BCLA is characterised by suitability of services to Clients’ requirements as well as understanding of Clients’ business needs. 

Within the framework of services provided to business entities operating in the real estate and construction projects sector:

  • carrying out analyses of the legal status of real estate and construction projects ‘in progress’;
  • developing thorough documentation of real estate sale or purchase, inclusive of recommendations related to the structure of such transactions, draft contracts and relevant performance securities;
  • having extensive experience with respect to participation in the drafting of rental and lease contracts as well as other undefined contracts related to real estate;
  • participating in negotiations related to all kinds of such contracts;
  • carrying out proceedings with respect to changing or determining real estate destination or manner of development and proceedings related to environmental conditions of real estate use, inclusive of obtaining investment project-related building and occupancy permits;   
  • representing Clients in cases provided for in the Act on real estate management and related to perpetual usufruct, real property division and integration;
  • developing project and construction works contracts to be concluded with general contractors or subcontractors, inclusive of FIDIC contracts;

also supporting Clients with respect to litigations associated with real estates and construction investment process.