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New technologies move into 21st century

Implementation of technology solutions in companies is no longer a wish but it is a must. Modern security systems, solutions such as cloud computing, data processing, innovative applications and IT programs, supporting infrastructure – these all were developed in order to make the results of human work more protected and effective.

BCLA law firm provides clients with the highest level of comprehensive legal advice in the field of new technologies and public procurement in IT.


We support our clients in:

  • preparation, verification and negotiating of IT contracts (implementation contracts, maintenance and development, authorship systems, outsourcing projects, solutions such as cloud computing),
  • licensing programs and applications, know-how protection, preparation and verification of copyrights protection agreements,
  • providing service of projects related to public procurement, both for contractors and ordering parties (e.g. implementation and maintenance of IT and telecommunication systems),
  • conducting audits in the field of protection of privacy and personal rights and implementation of data processing solutions in view of their compliance with provisions of law related to protection of personal data (including GDPR) and special legal regulations concerning protection of data and information in particular sectors (e.g. medical, financial).


Intellectual property

Intellectual property is without a doubt an essential part of company’s assets. How to protect brand, logotype, how and where to register product packaging designs, is unintentional imitation possible, can we conduct legal analysis before entering new products into the market? Does protection of our rights relate only to Poland or trans-crossing activity as well? What to do if we notice comparative advertisement to our products – is it unfair competition? Do we have to sign separate agreement on transfer of intellectual property resources in the course of sale of the company?

Marcin W. Cieśliński, advocate and partner of our law firm having many years of experience and unique competencies in issues related to intellectual and industrial property provides consulting services in the field of creation of strong intellectual property portfolio, legal and marketing strategy, registration and protection of company’s intellectual property resources and representations in disputes related to unfair competition.

We conducted many projects concerning intellectual property. We are proud of the fact that many times we helped to protect IP resources, good will and property rights of our clients. Among them there were food and FMCG producers, IT companies, R&D departments of international companies, real estate companies, energy companies, advertising agencies, media agencies, design and architecture companies, authors and artists.


Shapes, colors, logotypes, fonts and photos….. is not all

We ensure much more, among other we offer the following intellectual property services:

  • preparation of agreements and arrangements concerning transfer or provision of license in account of copyrights or related rights and other intellectual property rights,
  • preparation of legal opinions, including actual status analysis in view of infringement of intellectual and personal property and provisions on unfair competition,
  • preparation of application to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, WIPO, EPO, EUIPO,
  • conducting of court litigations, including claims for remuneration, damages or submission of relevant statements by opponents.


New undertakings and start-ups

BCLA supports new companies and people with ideas of interesting and innovative business. We represent and provide an advice to start-ups in conversations with big business and investors.

  • we support investment process for start-up, including negotiations, so called term-sheet, head of terms, investment agreements,
  • we prepare corporate documentation for start-up companies, partners’ agreements, options agreements for investors,
  • we ensure new companies for start-ups, provide assistance in tax, accounting and bookkeeping issues,
  • we prepare legal solutions for protection of intellectual property rights,
  • we represent start-ups in disputes with investors and in internal corporate disputes.

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