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Activity in gambling in Poland is subject to detailed legal regulations both directly resulting from the Act on gambling and from tax, penal and fiscal regulations and from acts on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing. To conduct such an activity it is necessary to obtain permission in a form of administrative decision issued by the Minister of Finance.

With actualization of the act on gambling as of 2017 regulations related to activity in gambling, in particular, mutual betting in Poland were subject to essential changes. These changes were very effective and bring benefit for legally acting betting companies and gamblers.


Stationary and online betting organizations

BCLA is one of the few law firms in Poland offering comprehensive legal services in betting branch. Our experts have unique and broad experience in providing legal advice for companies conducting activity in the field of mutual betting, including activities in the internet.


We offer consulting services to our clients in:

  • selection of hardware and software IT solutions providers for betting sector, including negotiating agreements with providers of software and equipment for betting branch,
  • implementation of betting products on the Polish market that are available under other jurisdictions (special types of bets, new principles of conducting gamblers’ accounts and settlement with gamblers), their adaptation to legal regulations binding on the Polish market,
  • preparation of corporate structures for companies applying for permission, including verification, fulfilling requirements resulting from the act by partners, members of bodies and providing an advice in preparation of documents for the purposes of verification of the capital sources in the company,
  • obtaining permission for conducting betting activity, i. e. organization of mutual bets pursuant to the Act on gambling (Polish permission) both for stationary points and internet activity,
  • preparation of documentation for the purposes of obtaining Polish permission, including in particular:
    • preparation of games regulations and regulations of responsible gaming,
    • verification of website technical documentation in view of its compliance with binding provisions of law and guidelines of market regulator, preparation of solutions and guidelines for providers of documentations,
    • verification of external review of evidence of participation in bets,
    • verification of mechanisms of website, registration principles, principles of betting and settlement of bets,
  • preparation of corporate internal solutions for betting companies for personal data protection, counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing, compliance, permitted advertising, including consulting and giving opinions on marketing and advertising solutions,
  • preparation of regulations for affiliate platforms and programs for affiliate partners,
  • day-to-day service before customs and fiscal authorities, including notification of verification documents changes, conducting official controls and controlling activities,
  • day-to-day service of issues before the Ministry of Finance, including obtaining guidelines and interpretations of gambling law,
  • in disputes with fiscal authorities or customs and fiscal authorities related to gambling.

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