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Setting up corporate structures of single undertakings and capital groups requires long-term plans and business strategies, and solving day-to-day companies’ issues.

Specialists of BCLA support clients at all stages of business activity and help them face their business challenges


Transaction advising – from due diligence through acquisition/sale to reorganization of companies

Team of BCLA has a deep, extensive knowledge and experience in comprehensive, multi-stage transactional projects preceded by due diligence audits with reference to aspect of provisions of regulated sectors, e.g. real estate, energy, transport, medicine.

Many times we conduced and supervised transactions of companies reorganization, their mergers both on the basis of code provisions and in the form of (in-kind) contribution of undertaking or a part of an undertaking.

We provide our clients with consulting services so as to how to fully protect their interests in the whole transactional process by means of the main and accompanying agreements till the moment of closing. We also represent our clients in court and arbitration litigations after transactions, so called post M&A.


Shareholders, resolutions, regulations, ownership disputes

Thanks to extensive experience of partners and corporate practice team we effectively resolve ownership disputes by proposing such legal solutions that ensure that both minority and majority owners/shareholders are beneficiaries of them. BCLA layers participate as professional attorneys in shareholders meetings acting for individual benefit of principals and the company’s interests in which they have shares. With reference to corporate governance we provide an advice in such issues as internal corporate regulations and disputes related to exercising shareholders’ rights and ownership supervision.


We offer professional services of corporate and transaction advice adjusted to the client’s needs:

  • we conduct due diligence corporate audits,
  • we provide an advice in day-to-day activity of companies, capital groups, holdings, investment funds and private equity,
  • we provide an advice to the company bodies: ownership and supervisory bodies and members of the management boards and supervisory boards,
  • we organize and conduct general meetings of shareholders,
  • we prepare drafts of resolutions and other internal documentation of the company,
  • we participate in administrative proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS),
  • we provide an advice in implementation of corporate governance principles,
  • we provide an advice in reference to the liability of members of the companies’ bodies and of the companies itself, we represent clients in issues related to criminal and penal and fiscal liability,
  • we prepare and verify commercial agreements of various types,
  • we provide an advice in the course of setting up new companies and reorganizations of existing ones and in the courts of winding-up, liquidation and restructuration of companies, including share deals, asset deals and joint-ventures,
  • we provide consulting services for investment funds and private equity in the course of acquisition of the company or portfolio of companies and in the process of leaving the investment. 


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